The easiest way to build forms people love to fill out

Create shareable and embeddable online forms that look great with no effort or coding skills.

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Build online forms in the simplest and quickest way possible.

RapidForms offers the easiest and quickest way to create forms just the way you want them, so you can focus on what matters most.

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    Ready-to-use templates

    Simplify your workflow and save time with pre-designed forms that are easy to use and customize.

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    Integrates with Google sheets

    Connect your forms with Google Sheets to receive responses.

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    Seamless Embedding

    Effortlessly embed forms on websites and landing pages, maintaining a seamless user experience

  • Secure

    We prioritize your privacy. Unlike other form builders, we neither store nor access your form responses.

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    No coding or design required

    Unlock effortless creativity – no coding or design skills required. Build with ease and confidence.

  • Palette

    Make forms just the way you like them using our simple, customizable form builder.

Build Online Forms in minutes not hours

Bring joy to your users with forms that are not just well-designed but also easy to create.

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Build forms with no limitation

In Rapidforms you can build unlimited forms that convert, and receive unlimited submissions of data that is secured 100%

Build, Share, and Collect Data

Simplify your data collection workflow. No time to waste, give your audience the best experience possible.


Embed forms that match your style

Embed your forms easily into your website, or into your favorite website builders such as Framer, WordPress, Webflow and many more.

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RapidForms is trusted and loved ❤️

We're building the next generation form builder that you will trust and feel comfortable with for the rest of your life

  • Guillermo RauchVercel CEO

    I mean it just looks great…

  • CésarSoftware engineer

    The elegant simplicity that @rapidforms archives makes it clear why paying for a form service is a smart choice.

  • Esus

    I was looking for a simple, professional form creator that I can use on any of my websites. I tried some other options, but didn't want to pay a recurring cost for something as quick as Forms to sheets, then found Rapidforms. The design is great for any site, no matter what niche, and it looks way better than using a typical Google Form.

  • Volkan HaslakSenior UI/UX Designer

    Typeform's options weren't quite what we needed for what they charge each month. So we went looking for something else. RapidForms is still pretty new, but it's already doing a lot of what we want, and we've started moving our forms over to it. We've got a good feeling about Sidi – we think it's going to do great things really soon.

  • Balint

    RapidForms is like zen mode for form builders. Do not mistake its simplicity for the power of this tool. Amazingly responsive team.

  • SergeCreative Designer

    Forget Tally! Rapidforms is a game-changer. Gorgeous UI, super user-friendly, easily styled to fit your branding, and insanely responsive founder. They implemented a feature I needed in days, something that would take months elsewhere. Highly recommend!

  • Robin van der PloegSoftware specialist and his developer has really impressed me. My websites on Unicorn Platform improved a lot since I started using their forms. Form building became easy and the simple Google Sheets integration helps a lot with building inputs. Extra credit should go to the RapidForms creator. He's really helpful and quick to answer, taking care of any problems I had quickly. His individualized approach and support really make RapidForms stand out. I really recommend if you're wanting to add strong and user-friendly forms to your website. Really glad I found them!

  • Santiago PoliEntrepreneur

    Just upgraded in @rapidforms , created by @sidi_jeddou_dev , part of @marsxdev community. And it looks soooo good.

  • Alexander IsoraEx Founder @ Unicorn Platform

    Awesome! I'm already using Rapidforms for my new project: Loving it so far. Simple and powerful.

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