What’s the best Google Forms Alternative?

When it comes to finding a superior alternative to Google Forms, your search ends here. RapidForms offers a comprehensive form-building solution that's not only mobile-friendly but also boasts the industry's top form editor. Use it effortlessly for data collection and more.

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Frequently asked questions

All information you need to know

  • What is RapidForms?

    RapidForms is a no-code form builder that allows users to create shareable and embeddable forms like newsletter, waitlist, and contacts without any effort or coding skills. It offers the easiest and quickest way to create forms that match your website design, simplifying your workflow and saving time with pre-designed forms that are easy to use and customize.

  • Can I save money and time with RapidForms?

    Yes of course, because we were a consumer, exacly like you, and saw people pay 20$/m or more for these builders, and some of them need code to do some customization, but we didn't like that, and decided to make this as a solution, and to make RapidForms accessible to everyone.

  • Why RapidForms stores data in users Google sheets?

    Well, we live in a world where privacy is almost non-existent, so RapidForms is much safer, and you will have better and full control over your data, it's stored in your Google sheets not in our database, also this is less expensive for us and you.

  • What are we planning to support next?

    We just get started with RapidForms, and one of our goals is to make it a complete tool and solution for our customers, and we are planning to support copying custom code, dark mode for forms, recieving emails when you get a submission, and many useful things.

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