Welcome to Product Roadmap

Hey, in this documentation page you’ll learn and explore our vision and goals of your product RapidForms to make it easy for you to understand the full picture, and give you an idea on what’s the next.

The vision and goals

First of all, RapidForms is the first form builder in the world that aims to come up with new solutions both in terms of costs and services which means it’s for the benefit of the users.

For the cost we don’t charge monthly fee so you get the exciting features like other form builders, for example most of them charge between $20-$25/month or even more, and if we calculated this, we’ll find it’s about $240-$300/year spent but with RapidForms you pay once and use forever.

And in terms of services we want to make RapidForms the first form builder that has an advanced style editor and we have done a great work there but this is not the everything, we will add more style features so you can do most of customization work from the editor.

In the future we are planning to add email service alternative to what we have today, will be better in user experience, and the cost, and UI ...etc I will talk more about this later.

Next upcoming features

Here are the features we will start working on some of them next month on Mars. After the next update the price will increase from $99 to $199 lifetime-access.

Form Blocks

  • File upload 
  • Checkboxes 
  • Date
  • Multi-select
  • content image
  • Thank you page
  • Text with editor


  • Email notifications
  • Form code for simple forms
  • Pages
  • Dark mode
  • New custom options for style editor

Note: we will not ship all these features at once, but according to priority, and one by one. the current RapidForms offer will end soon, please don’t miss it.

If we missed something or you have a question, please don’t mind to contact us